Butcher BBQ Wins Top Prize At 30th Annual Jack Daniel’s World Championship Invitational Barbecue

Butcher BBQ Wins Top Prize At 30th Annual Jack Daniel’s World Championship Invitational Barbecue

LYNCHBURG, Tenn. (Oct. 27, 2018) – Butcher BBQ from Chandler, Okla., claimed the title of Grand Champion at the 30th Annual Jack Daniel’s World Championship Invitational Barbecue in Lynchburg, Tenn.

As Grand Champion, Butcher BBQ earned $10,000, braggin’ rights as winner of what many consider to be the most prestigious barbecue contest in the world, and the chance to defend its title next year in 2019.

“It’s just a shock.  We absolutely cannot believe it,” said Butcher BBQ’s David Bouska. “We’ve competed here at The Jack six times previously, and never in our wildest dreams could we ever imagine winning the whole thing.  Just a complete shock.”

Established in 2007, the team that makes up Butcher BBQ originally started out as butchers and eventually became pit masters and started cooking in local barbecue competitions.  Since then they’ve won hundreds of competitions, including World Champion BBQ Pitmasters in 2012.

To compete in The Jack™, domestic teams must win a state championship with at least 25 teams or a competition of 50 teams or win one of the premiere barbecue competitions in the U.S.—Memphis in May, American Royal Open or Houston World’s Championship Bar-B-Que—which qualifies a team for an automatic berth. At The Jack, each team competes in seven categories – Pork Ribs, Pork Shoulder/Butts, Beef Brisket, Chicken, Dessert, Cook’s Choice, and Jack Daniel’s Sauce.

A combined 103 domestic and international teams from countries including Austria, Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Poland, Scotland, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom convened in Lynchburg to compete for the coveted Grand Champion title.

“It’s always exciting to see each team’s passion and dedication at the Jack Daniel’s World Championship Invitational Barbecue. They live and breathe barbeque,” said Jack Daniel’s Master Distiller Jeff Arnett.  “It’s great to see the competition getting hotter every year, yet the friendly atmosphere remains.  We want to congratulate Butcher BBQ on winning the title of Grand Campion—that’s an incredible feat.”

Iowa’s Smokey D’s BBQ was named the Reserve Grand Champion, taking home the second-place cash prize of $2,500. Other teams rounding out the top 10 are:

3.  The Pit Crew BBQ of AZ (Payson, AZ)
4.  Shake ‘N Bake BBQ (New Haven, MO)
5.  Shiggin & Grinnin (Delano, MN)
6.  The American Dream BBQ Team (Tecumseh, OK)
7.  Getting’ Basted (Springfield, MO)
8.  Grillin’ Beavers (Thornton, CO)
9.  Porky Butts BBQ (Valley, NE)
10.  Wolf’s Revenge BBQ (Henrico, VA)

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